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Some of the common interests and concerns we hear from the community - 

The child:
- wants to be a better basketball player, 
- needs to learn the fundamentals
- is being taught Plays rather than how to play
- has been playing in games and leagues but not getting better, 
- had some success but needs training to reach the next level, 
The parent: 
- is not impressed or satisfied with the games and leagues, 
- shocked at the lack of basketball in the area, 
- looking for some serious basketball for the child to experience, 
- looking to help the child reach basketball goals, 
- is impressed by the players that train with WIN.

And quotes from area coaches and school ADs: 
- "the few kids we get have little skills and very little basketball IQ, they're starting late and not being taught much at places like the Rec/YMCA or AAU," 
- "middle school is not enough time to teach and prepare them for HS," 
- "we need better coaches/coaching for MS and JV programs,"
- "an organized development program is long overdue," 
- "our varsity programs fall short in the playoffs and versus the high schools that have strong feeder programs."